Friday, March 15, 2013

1st Post

Let's see if I can blog on here!

Since Google Reader is going the way of all flesh, I decided to import all my feed subscriptions to Blogger to read them here.  It's not as nice as Google Reader, but so far seems better than other possibilities.  O tempora!  O mores!

Since I plan on being on this page more to read other blogs, I might actually use this blog platform to share thoughts and links to posts that I enjoy.

A selection of topics I will no doubt cover:

- Linguistics & Languages
- Food
- Politics
- Ecclesiastica
- Cats (I think there is some sort of universal internet cat quota I need to follow, right?)
- Things I think are funny (beyond cats)
- History
- etc.

A note on the title: The phrase Nadi contra subèrna comes from the Occitan language and means "I swim against the current".  The verse was written by the medieval poet Arnaut Daniel as part of an identification of his vocation and style:

Ieu soi Arnaut, qu'aimi lo vent e caci la lèbre amb lo buòu e nadi contra subèrna.
"I am Arnaut; I love the wind and hunt the hare with the ox, and swim against the current."


  1. Replies
    1. Hahaha. You're right, they do deserve a separate mention, but I guess they'll be filed under 'etc' here. Rest assured, THERE WILL BE PUGS.